• levellers We the Collective (CD + 4-track CD, £11.95)

    Deluxe CD contains a Steve Gullick Abbey Road Sessions picture book. The Levellers decided they wanted to do something a bit different with their back catalogue to kick off celebrations for their 30th anniversary year in 2018. They brought in a string section and enlisted legendary producer John Leckie (Radiohead, The Stone Roses) to help develop new acoustic arrangements for eight of their previous singles including Liberty, Hope Street and One Way which they recorded straight to tape at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios. They also recorded two brand new songs ‘The Shame’ and ‘Drug Bust McGee’ and the result is 10 track album ‘We The Collective’ released on the band’s own On The Fiddle Recordings label. Lead singer Mark Chadwick says, “The different musicians, producer and the studio combined to make something really special.” TRACKLISTING: CD: 1. Exodus 2. Liberty Song 3. England My Home 4. Subvert 5. Hope Street 6. Elation 7. Dance Before The Storm 8. The Shame 9. Drug Bust McGee 10. One Way / CD EP: 1. Fifteen Years 2. Outside Inside 3. All the Unknown 4. Said and Done

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