• moby Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt (digipak CD, £7.25)

    Moby released a new single and video for “Like a Motherless Child” from this album. Featuring LA-based soulstress Raquel Rodriguez, “Like a Motherless Child” is a re-work of the well-known spiritual, with its origins in the slavery of the American South. The track describes the void left when one feels separated from a parent, higher power or similar guiding force. Over the years this powerful song has been reinterpreted by the likes of Odetta, Lena Horne, Mahalia Jackson and Van Morrison. The album is a glowing tapestry exploring spirituality, individuality and the brokenness of humanity, and finds him returning to his orchestral, soul, trip-hop and gospel roots. TRACKLISTING: 1. Mere Anarchy 2. The Waste Of Suns 3. Like A Motherless Child 4. The Last Of Goodbyes 5. The Ceremony Of Innocence 6. The Tired And The Hurt 7. Welcome To Hard Times 8. The Sorrow Tree 9. Falling Rain And Light 10. The Middle Is Gone 11. This Wild Darkness 12. A Dark Cloud Is Coming

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