• spook the horses People Used to Live Here (LP, £18.95)

    Imagine: if band members can rotate between instrument positions within the band, because every band member can play every instrument, then this must imply a seldom degree of freedom and mutual musical understanding... something that most bands could only dream of.  SPOOK THE HORSES, from Wellington, New Zealand, are such a band.  Maybe this multi-instrumentalism and virtuosity also explains the vast musical territory that is explored between the band's 3 albums:  "People Used To Live Here" sees the band turn the distortion knobs way down, to a mildly saturated crunch tone, at most.  The band's most daring effort to date, "People Used to Live Here" explores the natural and immediate. Written and conceived in relative isolation over several grim Southern Hemisphere winters, SPOOK THE HORSES are defining their own sonic trademark with this album: an atmosphere of quiet desolation, raw and real, desperate and unsettling: the post-apocalyptic soundtrack to abandoned places.

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