• john coltrane The Classic Collaborations 1957-1963 (4 CD set, £8.75)

    Pivotal to the development of bop throughout the 1950s and 1960s, John Coltrane remained, across his relatively short career, a master saxophonist, a surreal composer and a bandleader who influenced the entire genre, introducing modes within his playing and ushering in the era of free jazz. While his own legendary albums speak for themselves, Coltrane also crossed paths with many other giants of the form, and indeed his work with the likes of Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, Milt Jackson and a plethora of others led to some of the finest recordings ever released in the entire jazz genre. John Coltrane continued making highly regarded albums until the end, but sadly this was to come sooner than expected when he passed away from the effects of liver cancer on 17th July 1967, aged 40. In a testament to the great manís musical dexterity and openness, the final album he approved for release prior to his death, Expression (Impulse!, 1967), featured the only instance of Coltrane serving as flautist on a complete track. This collection, spanning almost five hours of music across four discs, brings together the very finest albums John Coltrane recorded in collaboration with other jazz greats. Including eight complete, original records, remastered to this highest possible standard, this set will serve as an introduction to or a welcome reminder of some of this master musicianís greatest collaborative works.

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