• bradford Thirty Years of Shouting Quietly (double LP, £14.95)

    Thirty years ago a young Northern band named Bradford were very publicly handed the baton by Morrissey to blaze a trail in English indie music after the demise of The Smiths. Top British producer Stephen Street immediately signed the band to his brand new label and the scene was set for Bradford who in the words of Sounds magazine in may 1988 were "Five guys with strict haircuts – their image conjures up short, sharp shocks but their music tells a different story... creating intelligent and distinctive, finely crafted pop songs. There are no jangly jaunts through well-trodden paths of predictability – the image, the name, the songs, the intelligence and the voice see to that." Alas two things destroyed their chances: the collapse of Rough Trade , sending Stephen Street’s new label into ruin and the overwhelming avalanche in music that became known as ‘Madchester’. Bradford’s brand of sleek English pop was suddenly completely out of step with the times. Thirty years on and it’s time for a reappraisal. Here it is in its remastered form containing 3 top twenty indie singles, one being the renowned indie classic ‘Skin Storm’ which Morrissey also recorded and released in 1991. This newly re-mastered re-release also contains ‘In Liverpool’ (a Record Mirror Single of The Week) their first single for Stephen Street’s Foundation label, b sides, the eponymous French mini album and some never before released material. 30 tracks in all on gatefold double cd and vinyl with extensive liner notes by Fergal Kinney (Louder Than War), lyrics and photos. Tracklisting: . Greed And Peasant Land 2. To Have And To Hurt 3. Gang Of One 4. Always Torn 5. Lust Roulette 6. Adrift Again 7. Radio Edna 8. Everything At Once 9. Gary's Going Down 10. Skin Storm 11. A Wounding 12. In Liverpool 13. Boys Will Be Boys 14. The Loss 15. A Pint Of Bitterness 16. Tattered, Tangled And Torn 17. Skin Storm (Original single) 18. Saturday Insanity 19. Gatling Gun 20. Quality Of Mercy 21. Here Endeth The First Lesson

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