• typical girls volume 4  (LP, £15.95)

    label: Emotional Response

    Emotional Response continue their quest to highlight the finest in current female fronted punk, post-punk, hardcore and indie. Following on from the two previous vibrant volumes of Typical Girls, Emotional Response was quickly presented with a wealth of staggeringly high quality material. Rather than sit on tracks, or exclude material that the world needed to hear, it was feverishly decided to release two new breathtaking volumes simultaneously (Volumes 3 & 4). Essential listening. Enjoy! Track List Side A: 1) No Love “Dead If I Do” 2) French Vanilla “Evolution Of A Friendship” 3) Janitor Scum And The Scums “Vacuum Rebuilder (Live)” 4) Coutea Latex “Colere Vide” 5) Mommy Long Legs “Sk8 Witches” 6) Chroma “Intervencion Y Disciplina” 7) Shande “501” 8) Es “Unsavory Union” Side B 1) Ew “Delivery Boy” 2) The Primitives “Rattle My Cage” 3) Replica “Motel 6” 4) Primary “No Bridge Unburned” 5) C-3’s “Bell Is Ringing” 6) Decraneo “Siento” 7) Neon “Neon” 8) Cruel Summer “Skyless"

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