• etch Altered Roads Vol. 1 (12", £7.95)

    Etch presents the inaugural release on new label Altered Roads. The label is set to focus purely on Etch productions. Initially stemming from a series of mixes Etch recorded titled ‘Altered States’ which focused on selections of influential tracks that may not be immediately obvious in his productions and a direct audio visual link to the psychedelic imagery in the work of filmmakers such as Ken Russell, Gaspar Noe & Stanley Kubrick. This led to a switch in approach to production and return to the naivety of an ‘anything goes’ mindset. ALTRD001 features 4 tracks ranging from the psychedelic, weightless, ambient soundscape of ‘When The Soul Departs The Body’, hazy vintage kung-fu film sampling ‘Lore Of Samurai’, the crushingly powerful break laden homage to the defunct BLOC Festival ‘Flamingo Grove’, and ending on futuristic warp-driven hip hop ‘Defunkt Logic’. The scope of these tracks' disregard for the confines of dancefloor function sets the tone for what is to come on this label. All releases will see release with incredible artwork from graphic designer Dario Bea. TRACKLIST: 1. When The Soul Departs, 2. Lore Of Samurai, 3. Flamingo Grove, 4. Defunkt Logic

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