• teenage wrist Chrome Neon Jesus (blue vinyl LP, £16.95)

    label: epitaph

    Teenage Wrist are here to remind you why distorted guitars, dreamy vocals and massive dynamics never go out of style. The band—Kamtin Mohager (bass, vocals), Marshall Gallagher (guitar, vocals) and Anthony Salazar (drums) formed in 2015 and instantly made a name for themselves with their debut EP, Dazed. The Los Angeles band’s full-length debut Chrome Neon Jesus is a timeless collection of music from a group of music veterans who have unequivocally dedicated themselves to their craft and evoke everyone from The Smashing Pumpkins to Sense Field in the process. The result is an album that’s inspired by the alternative heroes of the past yet retains a modern edge and is teeming with choruses so big that they stretch toward the stratosphere. Track Listing: Side 1
  1.  Chrome Neon Jesus     2.  Dweeb     3.  Swallow     4.  Stoned, Alone     5.  Supermachine     6.  Black Flamingo  / Side 2
  1.  Kibo     2.  Rollerblades     3.  Daylight     4.  Spit     5.  Waitress. Transparent blue colour vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.

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