• buried alive!! part seven  (CD, £8.75)

    The world down under produced some of the most ferocious and truly demented sounds to have emerged from the 1960s. Crammed full of fuzz, distortion, feedback and screaming, this uncompromising sound was the precursor to punk rock. Buried Alive!! Volume Seven conjures up another stunning collection of rampant amphetamine fury, jammed tight with the most vile and repulsive '60s delinquency ever put together. Following on from the ground-breaking six-disc anthology released last year, Volume Seven makes for an essential and exciting addition to your boxed collection!! Professionally re-mastered original sound recordings; includes a full-colour, 20 page booklet with expansive liners containing group biographies, archival imagery, and previously unreleased recordings with original audio artefacts. Tracklisting: 1. THE BREAKAWAYS Women 1967 2. BARRINGTON DAVIS Complicated Riddle 1966 3. RUSS KRUGER Separate The Men From The Boys 1966 4. THE MARKSMEN Moonshine 1966 5. THE BLUE BEATS Dr. Feelgood 1965 6. THE FABULOUS BLUE JAYS I’ll Make You Cry Too 1965 7. THE SHOWMEN Naughty Girl 1965 8. THE LOST SOULS Whatcha Gonna Say 1967 9. THE LIBRETTOS She’s A Go Go 1966 10. THE OTHERS Why Can’t She Be Mine 1966 11. THE SUNSETS Animal 1967 12. THE RAYDERS A Working Man 1966 13. TONY WORSLEY & THE BLUE JAYS How Can It Be 1965 14. WARD AUSTIN with PYTHON LEE JACKSON Emergency Ward 1966 15. THE PINK FINKS You’re Good For Me 1966 16. THE MORLOCH Every Night 1965 17. THE BLUESTARS Don’t Wanna Be Lonely 1966 18. JOHNNY CHESTER Steppin’ Out 1965 19. TONI McCANN & THE BLUE JAYS My Baby 1965 20. THE CLIQUE Love Me Girl 1967 21. THE MORLOCH Hit The Road Jack 1966 22. LAURIE WADE’S CAVALIERS Say Hey 5 1965 23. MARTY RHONE & THE SOUL AGENTS What More Can I Do 1966 24. THE FEEL GOODS Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 1966 25. THE GROOP Who Do You Love 1966

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