• andi sex gang Achilles In the Eurozone (CD, £8.75)

    14 tracks. First released exclusively through the band's website in June 2016. One of the tracks, 'Greeks In Casablanca', featured in an American documentary and 'Tell The King The Sky Is Falling' is featured in the British film Mob Handed. CD booklet contains lyrics. TRACK LISTING 1. Achilles In The Eurozone 2. Sarajevo In The Valley 3. Flesh 4. Syrian Plain 5. Silverman Cometh 6. Sister Got A Gun 7. Black Madonna 8. Greeks In Casablanca 9. Tell The King The Sky Is Falling 10. Divinely Nero 11. Theban Band Of Lovers 12. Scribble Boy 13. Last Man In Europe 14. Freedom Call Jerusalem

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