• rope sect Personae Ingratae (10-track CD, £10.75)

    ROPE SECT IS A POST PUNK BAND OUT OF GERMANY WHOSE PERSONAE INGRATAE DEBUT WAS FIRST RELEASED BY CALIGARI RECORDS ON TAPE IN MID 2017. IT QUICKLY SOLD OUT. PERSONAE INGRATAE WAS THEN RELEASED ON VINYL BY IRON BONEHEAD RECORDS WITH TWO ADDITIONAL TRACKS. THIS CD INCLUDES PERSONAE INGRATAE INCLUDING THE TWO ADDITIONAL TRACKS FROM THE VINYL VERSION, PLUS TWO ADDITIONAL TRACKS THAT CAME OUT ON A SEVEN INCH IN NOVEMBER 2017 UNDER THE TITLE OF PROSELYTES. Revel in its driving pulse and its suicidal choruses; Rope Sect feeds upon your lifeforce. Hum along, nod in time, elated for the eschaton. Personae Ingratae is Rope Sectís debut statement. Ten tracks of sustained diminuendo. Something like gothic post-punk; something like erotic schadenfreude. Angular, inward, self-mutilating... this is Rope Sectís sardonic petition for a final curtain call. Personae Ingratae is a dark and lonely heaven. TRACK LISTING 1. FALLEN NATION 2. TARANTIST 3. PRETTY LIFE 4. KING OF THE NIGHT 5. RECESS 6. OCHLESIS 7. DEATH IS YOUR LOVER 8. RATTENKONIG 9. QUIETUS 10. PROSELYTES

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