• sneakbo Brixton (CD, £10.75)

    Following on from an incredible run of singles including the Giggs featuring street banger ‘Active’ and the melodic crossover smash ‘Nah’ with Not3s, UK rap pioneer Sneakbo has returned with another track from his highly anticipated project ‘Brixton’, ‘Fuck It’. An explosive burst of UK rap, ‘Fuck It’ is a blazing cut featuring a heavy duty verse and hook from Sneakbo, who returns to his roots both stylistically and geographically, showcasing some of the Brixton’s finest burgeoning rappers in S Wavey, Jboy, M Dargg and Bellzey. Trading bars over a rumbling instrumental, ‘Fuck It’ is also a stark celebration of the talent in Sneakbo’s Brixton, a direct reflection of his forthcoming album. Releasing on 2nd March 2018, ‘Brixton’ is a comprehensive chapter in the career of an artist who has helped to define a genre currently at the forefront of UK music. Featuring already revealed appearances from the likes of Giggs and Not3s, as well as features from the likes of Yungen, Afro B, Conor Maynard, Team Salut and more, Sneakbo is set to define the line between crossover club classics and hard-edged lyricism, just as he has since 2011. With ‘Fuck It’, Sneakbo reveals the more brutal side to his game, ensuring that his forthcoming ‘Brixton’ continues to shine a light on the constant evolution of one of UK music’s most impactful and underrated stars.

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