• snowpoet Thought You Knew (LP, £15.75)

    Thought You Knew is the second album from Snowpoet, the London based band led by the writing duo of Jazz FM Vocalist of the Year (2016) Lauren Kinsella and composer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Hyson. Born out of a deep musical friendship and mutual understanding, Snowpoet’s acclaimed eponymous debut released in 2016 won rave reviews and a devoted audience with its compelling sound, drawing comparisons with Bjork. With Thought You Knew the musical collaboration and sound takes a big step up in terms of production, musical ideas and execution. Blending sweet hook-laden vocal lines with warm and lush arrangements, the music is infectious, delicate and tasteful. The sound is clear and beautifully produced while the lyrical content exhibits a deep and raw emotion. Tracklisting 1. The Therapist 2. Under The Tree 3. Water Baby 4. Love Again 5. Dear Someone 6. Snow 7. Pixel 8. Two Of Cups 9. It's Already Better Than Ok 10. Another Step

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