• jackson macintosh My Dark Side (CD, £10.50)

    label: Sinderlyn

    Jackson MacIntosh may be an alien figure to most, but his resume pinpoints him as near the epicentre of the recent explosion in fantastic pop music currently being forged in the city of Montreal and exported the world over. He spent 2016 and 2017 deploying funky, percolating bass lines on the road for indie pop outfit TOPS. He recorded and engineered the last two albums for labelmate Homeshake at his now-defunct home Montreal studio and venue, Drones Club. He has collaborated with cherished LA weirdo Drugdealer as well as Montrealís Bernardino Femminielli, all in addition to fronting the masterfully hooky power pop band Sheer Agony. Such is the manís work ethic that, when catching up with MacIntosh, the question that inevitably springs to your lips is: so what are you working on next? And so it is that Sinderlyn is proud to introduce listeners to My Dark Side, the debut solo album from Jackson MacIntosh. Recorded over three years and two break-ups, My Dark Side is as confessional as it is casual: a collection of songs that oozed out of necessity. TRACKLISTING: 01. Can It Be Love 02. Lulu 03. In the Grass 04. I Wish I Could Feel Like I Used To 05. My Dark Side 06. Peter Pan 07. Pretty Clear (feat. Ellise Barbara) 08. Quotation 09. Canít Stop Holdin On 10. When To Turn the Lights Back On

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