• jim mccarty Walking In the Wild Land (CD, £10.95)

    Jim McCarty is the renowned drummer from The Yardbirds who is respected worldwide for his innovative drumming style which he introduced into music in the 60’s on hits such as For Your Love, Heart Full Of Soul, Evil Hearted You. Shapes of Things and Over Under Sideways Down, all of which were UK Top 10 hits. When the Yardbirds broke up in the late 60’s Jim formed a number of successful bands over the next 25 years including Renaissance, Shoot, Box Of Frogs, Stairway And Illusion before reforming in the 90’s The Yardbirds whom he still tours with today. “Walking In The Wild Land” is Jim’s third solo album and features his songs and vocals in wonderful psychedelic/folk rock style. Tracks: Walking In The Wild Land / Changing Times / Mountain Song / Right On The Road / Charmed / Soft In A Hard Place / Dancing Leaves / Stop Living Life In The Past / In The Clear / Connected / Come Around The Corner / So Many Questions

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