• marie davidson Marie Davidson (6-track MC, £10.50)

    Montréal native Marie Davidson’s unique form of synth pop has become an undeniable force in modern music. This is her newly re-mastered self-titled EP. Her debut chronicles the development of Davidson before her three critically acclaimed full-length LPs, high profile press coverage and headlining slots at international festivals. Marie began her musical career playing in several noteworthy ensembles including Essaie Pas (DFA Records) and DKMD (Giallo Disco), however her self-titled EP documents her first venture into solo material. Raw yet creatively pristine, all of Marie’s endearing and charismatic traits are fully represented in their elemental states. This debut made clear that Marie is a singular talent who has the potential to grab the attention of a much broader audience. Sung and spoken in both English and French, Marie’s vocal delivery moves between melodic and rhythmic motifs, smoothly constructing her abstract lyrics into satisfying works of art. Davidson’s approach to drum machine and synthesiser composition is a language unto itself, refreshingly unrestrained by tradition. Marie’s sensibilities establish brooding atmospheres by using minimal elements in unorthodox ways. From the percussive vocals lines on “À l'intérieur”, to the atonal synth leads on “La Vallée d'Or”, Davidson’s outsider take on electronic music is pure and innovative. The single Esthétique privée strikes an elegant balance between ominous tones and somber vocal melodies over a catchy, analogue drum beat. Pieces like these are the essence of Marie’s work, experimenting with the familiar in order to achieve something wholly new. From the humble beginnings of homemade demo recordings, Holodeck is proud to bring Marie Davidson’s modern classic back to life. Tracklist: Ma vie sans toi, La Vallée d'Or, L'unique, Esthétique privée, Le lieu où vous voulez vous rendre, À l'intérieur. Written and recorded by Marie Davidson. Cover photo by Francesco De Gallo. Layout by Justin Goers.

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