• vlmv Stranded, Not Lost (double LP, £13.50)

    label: fierce panda

    VLMV were originally known as ALMA until several cases of mistaken identity with a green-haired Norwegian pop princess necessitated a gentlemanly branding rethink. Now they have – not quite literally – flipped their name upside down and come up with VLMV, which is still pronounced ‘ALMA’. ‘All These Ghosts’ is the first single release under the VLMA banner and the first track to be taken from their second album. ‘All These Ghosts’ recaptures the fragile, fragrant essence of their esteemed debut ‘ALMA’ album which hoovered up comparisons to fellow explorers Sigur Ros, Patrick Watson and Explosions In The Sky. “Building atmospheric and quietly epic soundscapes that creep up on you unannounced… like a beam of light through a dark, cold night.” - Lauren Laverne BBC6 Music. “Atmospheric, ambient, complex and meditative.” – CLASH. “The duo create an expansive, lush, vivid aural foundation for Lambrou’s angelic falsetto vocals. Alma create a shimmering soundscape of delicate ethereal beauty. Breath-taking in its scope and evoking imagery of the vastness of space with titles such as Cosmonaut and To The Stars, Alma aim to transport the listener out of their surroundings with their evocative, haunting music.” – The Independent. Tracklisting 

1. He Has Already Divided Us 
2. If Only I
 3. Among My Quietest Fears 
4. All These Ghosts 
5. A Dead Channel Blues
 6. Stranded, Not Lost 
7. And There Was Peace In Our Hearts For All The Dark Things That Surrounded Us 
8. Little Houses Ft. Tom Hodge
 9. Lunokhod
 10. Our Corners

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