• melentini Zrsha; Fundus Uterus (LP, £21.50)

    A beautiful album from a Greek singer-songwriter, musician/ performer and music pedagogical instructor established in Berlin, which fuses electronica with jazz, avant-garde, ambient music, with references to afro-soul, Irish folk songs, Balkan lullabies and more. She is the principal songwriter and lead singer of the electronic independent collective Sequence Theory Project and founder of the nu jazz/avant-garde band the Running Blue Orchestra. She has also composed music scores for short films and dance videos, for the feature film Afterlov (awarded in international film festivals of Locarno, Thessaloniki and Mons), for theatrical plays and has also appeared in theatrical roles as an actress and stage musician. Since 2014 she is a regular member in the band of alternative rock artist Theodore whose performances have been reviewed as exceptional. Recently she collaborated with legendary producer Steve Jansen (Japan, Nine Horses) on one of his tracks from his latest album ‘Tender Extinction’. She wrote the lyrics, recorded vocals and trumpets for the song “Sadness”. “A stark, heartfelt vocal delivery that provides the stunning balm to bind this unsettling beauty together. Stricken with fragility, it combines affecting poetic lyrics and piercing sorrow with something ethereal that drags you into an achingly alluring world.” - The Guardian. Tracks: Asana/Metamorphosis / We Promised To Come Back To Earth / Wounds And Water / Solaroid / Satellites / Eros / The Years, The Days, The Hours / Into The Waves / Yellow Roses / So Long

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