• nathan hall & the sinister locals Mute Effigies Soundtracks (CD, £13.50)

    This is a spin off album from Nathan Hall's 'Effigies'. "For years people have told me that the multi layered music we write has a soundtrack feel to it. It crossed my mind through the years to do instrumental remixes of all the Soft Hearted Scientists albums, simultaneously with the parent albums, but I then always got sidetracked diving into the next album. Working on an album usually exhausts me, and the thought of immediately revisiting it always makes me feel slightly nauseous. This time I thought I really should do it. So with sick bag in hand just in case, I worked on instrumental versions with producer Frank Naughton. It turned out to be unexpectedly enjoyable and almost effortless. Originally, this remix was made just for the listening pleasure of the band members and our friends and family, and, against massive odds, to seek placement of the instrumentals with publishers who could try to find us some soundtrack work. However, after a few playbacks, the instrumental version took on a life of its own. Unexpectedly it worked in its own right as a complete album, as a kind of (worn out cliché alert) soundtrack to an imaginary film." ~Nathan Hall.

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