• fahrland Mixtape Vol. 1 (CD, £8.95)

    label: Kompakt

    GEIGER breaks his 8 year hiatus under the guise FAHRLAND – a hedonistic melange of funk-soaked electro pop and guitar- riddled synth music that sits somewhere near to acts like Ween and Junior Boys as if they were to be reimagined by Moodymann. Previously released seminal (and impossible to categorise) releases on the cult Cologne imprint FIRM in the 00’s that preceded a massive wave of like-minded indie-electronic bands and artists. To those familiar with the output of Cologne-based imprint Firm from back in the early ‘00s, the name of Geiger, alias Nass, shall undoubtedly ring a bell. Herald of an hedonistic melange of funk- soaked electro pop and guitar-riddled synth music, sitting somewhere close to acts like Ween and Junior Boys, Alexander Geiger is about to break a eight-year hiatus with the drop of his debut album under the newly-founded moniker of Fahrland. A release that both encompasses a healthy dose of the discoid tropes from the Firm era but also aspires to split with a segment of it, geared towards exploring further undisclosed fringes of his shape-shifting sound universe, ‘Mixtape Vol.1’ is the fruit of a decisive move from the sleepless Berlin to the peaceful countryside landscapes of Fahrland – a lushly forested area near Potsdam which you’ll have understood played an essential role in Geiger’s longed-for return. Versatile and inclusive, the album sweeps a polyamorous gamut of styles and tempos like an answer to the virtual prisons that inhibit us on a daily basis, straying away from normative standards and classic full-length calibration as a result. Instead weaving a singular narrative course, clear from all type of shackles and chains, Geiger navigates on sight, reflecting on notions as wide and universal as freedom, friendship and love across a multiversal patchwork of sounds and feels. From the languid sexy vibe of ‘Beggin’, ‘Plastic People’ and ‘Yesterday’ – all three featuring the sensual whispers of multi-talented vocalist and artist MZ Sunday Luv, through the heavily Vocoder-ised, chip- implemented groove of I AM ROBOT - reminiscent of Telex and Space Art, balearic jazz & rap shine of ‘Sky So High’, smokey lounge ambience of ‘L AND H’ onto broader ambient-friendly spans such as ‘Suspension’, ‘Windshield Gently Wipers’ and the smooth, sun-basking closer ‘Get Down’, each track holds a fragile cocooned world at its heart. A1/01. Get Up A2/02. Suspension A3/03. I AM ROBOT A4/04. Beggin feat. Mz Sunday Luv A5/05. Plastic People feat. Mz Sunday Luv A6/06. 5/4 B1/07. Yesterday feat. Mz Sunday Luv B2/08. Friends Forever B3/09. Sky So High B4/10. L AND H B5/11. Windshield Gently Wipers B6/12. Get Down

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