• michael rault It's a New Day Tonight (LP, £15.95)

    MICHAEL RAULT’S debut album on WICK Records! Produced by Daptone’s own WAYNE GORDON. 'It's A New Day Tonight' has the loose feel of a lost album by a '70s band bridging the gap between folk rock's open-hearted strumming and power pop's crisp, melody-forward confections – Big Star, Badfinger, 10cc – yet possesses an energy shot through with 21st-Century optimism. The album kicks off with "I'll Be There", a full-on guitar assault accented by a rhythm section that does not quit. The title track, "New Day Tonight", is a mid-tempo reverie that's elevated by tremolo guitar and delicate strings. The title came to Michael one night when he was watching an interview of a hockey player after a loss. The player said, "It's a new day tonight, we've got to put the past behind us." Intrigued by the awkwardness of the statement Michael thought it would make a great album title, and shortly after wrote the eponymous tune, which describes a very positive nightlife experience that brings much needed relief from a day of depression. Michael's ability to extract inspiration from a mundane, albeit awkward statement is a testament to his craft. It's a New Day Tonight is a modern classic begging to be played loud with the windows rolled down. Track Listing 1. I'll Be There 2. New Day Tonight 3. Sleep With Me 4. Oh, Clever Boy 5. Sitting Still 6. Dream Song 7. Pyramid Scheme 8. Out of the Light 9. Sleeping & Smiling 10. When the Sun Shines. LP includes download code.

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