• phosphenes Find Us Where We're Hiding (LP, £18.95)

    Hailing from Weimar, Germany, PHOSPHENES, a visual arts collective and band, was founded by composer and producer, Harry Starbuck, and vocalist/lyricist, Julee Bee. Although the band was not formed until 2017, they met accidentally many years ago when Julee, a former freelance journalist, interviewed Harry about his previous band for a music magazine. They realised throughout the course of the interview that they had striking similarities in their tastes in music, and PHOSPHENES is the result of a friendship that was cultivated with care in the following years PHOSPHENES is a collection of the choicest fruits from Electro, Rock, Pop, and Wave influences and NY based-magazine "The Fader", who premiered their debut single Girls Trip, say about the band: "This German rock group could"ve soundtracked your favourite teen movie. Their indication is guitar-backed teenage nostalgia, with catchy riffs and soaring hooks." Find Us Where We"re Hiding features an array of musical landscapes with sensational texture - uplifting dream-pop pastures cascade from melancholic to mesmerising. There are unfathomably deep and lush textures of synth goodness and elevating guitar chords. Omnipresent ambient noises are suppressed by the percussion as whispering sound waves transport the listener to fleeting moments of yesteryear. When asked about inspirations for their sound, Harry remarks, "My biggest inspirations are always epic and emotional things like Pink Floyd"s "The Wall" or Tears For Fears. I"m always lost in that cinematic, dreamy and epic sound."

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