• dawn ray'd The Unlawful Assembly (LP, £17.25)

    label: prosthetic

    The debut album from UK black metallers, DAWN RAY’D. The three piece are a politically charged outfit from Liverpool. Pitching a more spiteful and malevolent anger against a new found triumph of melody and blasts, DAWN RAY’D delve deeper into the world than on their 2015 debut EP, A Thorn, A Blight. Recorded by Tom Dring at Vagrant Studios (Dragged Into Sunlight), The Unlawful Assembly is divided into two parts: The Wild Service and The Wild Magic; it is equal parts malice and spite; ethereality and exultation. From the clean singing of A Litany To Cowards to the thrashing pace of Emptiness Beneath The Great Emptiness, the album “breathes new fire into black metal's small but sturdy leftist tradition, crafting potent, violin-laced atmospheric black metal songs that double as battle hymns for the class war” – Noisey. Already receiving vast critical praise, DAWN RAY’D are using the platform to express their political views and beliefs, which simply stated, are rooted in anarchism. The album as a whole can be dissected and examined on many levels however with the lyrical themes being as complex as the music. The band have already made their presence known in the US through a summer tour with MI’s atmospheric black metallers, Dakhma. They’ve done countless DIY shows throughout Europe and have played the Paranoya Fest in Germany , No Sanctuary in Croatia and Fluff Fest in Czech Republic. The Unlawful Assembly is a multi-pronged attack, but with one consistent message: inaction is not an option. Tracklisting 1 Fire Sermon 2 The Abyssal Plain 3 Future Perfect Conditional 4 Emptiness Beneath the Great Emptiness 5 A Litany to Cowards 6 The Ceaseless Arbitrary Choice 7 Held in a Lunar Synthesis 8 Strike Again the Hammer Sings! 9 Island of Cannibal Horses Dawn 10 A Thought, Ablaze

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