• nadah el shazly Ahwar (MC, £8.50)

    Starting out singing Misfits covers in a local punk band, then moving on to producing her own electronic tracks and making a name for herself in Cairo's underground scene, Nadah El Shazly's back-story is not that unusual. Her debut album on the other hand, is an entirely unexpected story. Two years in the making, 'Ahwar' (Arabic for Marshlands) is an otherworldly record, not unlike an abstract mythological tale. “A perfect, soaring amalgamation of traditional Egyptian song with experimental takes on performance and instrumentation” The Quietus. Tracklisting 1:Afqid Adh-Dhakira (I Lose Memory) 2:Barzakh (Limen) 3:Palmyra 4:Ana 'Ishiqt (I Once Loved) 5:Koala 6:Mahmiya (Protectorate). VERY LIMITED EDITION.

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