• 485c 485C (CD, £8.75)

    label: fierce panda

    485C are very much five rock’n’rolling dreamers lurking in east London. They consist of Adam Hume (vocals), Dom Watson (guitar / vocals), Lucas Hunt (drums), Rory McGowan (guitar / occasional vocals) and Sam Watkins (bass / occasional vocals). ‘485C’ is their debut album. It was produced by Paul Tipler at Unit 13 Studios in the shadow of Millwall's football ground and features 13 tracks of fizzingly debonair alternative rock delights, as you may expect from a band once cheerily described as “The Strokes stroking The Family Cat”. 'Hoppy' is 485C’s fifth single – out on April 13th - and shows a spacier side to the quintet, snaking in on a slinky bass line and laying out some sublimely laidback melodies which are interrupted by the odd defiant outburst of ragged guitars. ‘Hoppy’ follows the previous singular sonic delights of 'She'll Lie', ‘Oh Rhianna’, 'Strange Medicine', 'Better The Man' and 2018's New Year revelation 'Kapow!' Having played consistently across London and its satellites in the company of The Rifles, The Blinders, The Sherlocks, John Kennedy, Abbie McCarthy and many more, the 485C live act has developed into an intricate combination of guitar wizardry and a casually audacious stage presence, as evinced by their monumental mid-March headline show at the Old Blue Last. Tracklisting 1. Kids On The Beach 2. Kapow! 3. Primal Concerns 4. Oh Rhianna 5. Hoppy 6. Strange Medicine 7. She'll Lie 8. Better The Man 9. Rev 10. The Fountain 11. Manic Filters 12. Turn The Engines Off 13. Control

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