• laissez fairs / cromm fallon Lillie May / Scars from You (7", £7.95)

    The Laissez Fairs: an intoxicating cocktail of Mod Psych. There is something extra going on here... there is REAL musical magic happening... this isn't just a good band with great tunes... it is THE LAISSEZ FAIRS... sent by Bowie from Mars... the art of it... the style of it... THE KINKS put in a blender and re-roasted by Lennon fronting THE WHO... and everyone will want their prescription re-filled... because that is just what the DOCTOR WHO ordered. "The Laissez Fairs third release is an amphetamine and acid-tinged take on the British Invasion sound." Shindig! Magazine // "The members of this “maximum mod” crew wear their influences on their paisley sleeves." Las Vegas Review Journal // "Laissez Fairs' music could be described as a "psychedelic shower"." Musicletter // Cromm Fallon - The Young Squire of Wild Garage. "IGGY likes to POP... LOU loves to REED... and dear ALICE is in re-COOPER-ation.....WAIT!" "Paging Mr CROMM FALLON.....come to the front desk... YOUR MUSIC IS ON FIRE!!!" "Feel the RumBar-ations... yes, your speakers are getting HIGH!... FINALLY... the payoff...." "GRAB IT... LIVE IT... BUY IT... and then do it again... CROMM FALLON HAS LANDED. Features a printed coaster, and download card with access to bonus tracks by The Laissez Fairs: “Crown Plaza” & “Mr. Wryly”. Climb Aboard The Magic Bus And Experience An Intoxicating Cocktail Of Mod Psych And 'Wild' Garage Rock From Las Vegas NV.

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