• arid Little Things of Venom (numbered 180g red vinyl LP, £19.75)

    label: Music On Vinyl

    The Belgian rock band Arid is led by the guitarist Jasper Steverlinck and since their formation in 1995 they’re diving into the musical world of artists like Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam and Robert Plant. The musical diversity took them from the heavy metal of their first year to a rock-based approach on debut album Little Things of Venom. The emotional rock is dripped into roots music on the different tracks from the album. For example, “Me and My Melody” fits well with the concept of progressive rock with the musical changes. The acoustic start of the song “Life” means the advance to the changes of rhythms. While listening to their music you’ll hear the diversity and intensity. The album is available on vinyl for the first time and includes the bonus track “Soiree”. The first pressing of 500 copies is available on transparent red vinyl.

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