• action painting! Trial Cuts (LP, £15.95)

    label: Emotional Response

    Operating at the more muscly end of the SARAH RECORDS spectrum ACTION PAINTING! burst out of the fanzine scene with three frantic arrogant-riot-pop singles for SARAH and one for DAMAGED GOODS before they dematerialised. The band never realised a full length LP at the time. This collection, assembled by the band, features choice cuts from the bands 4 singles, and also includes a wealth of unreleased material that would have made up the bands debut LP had they survived the dramas of their speed driven youth. Track List 1) These Things Happen (Sarah) 2) Collapsing Cloud (Sarah) 3) Sailor Beware 4) Mustard Gas (Sarah) 5) Dolly Tree 6) Boy Meets World (Demo) 7) Laying The Lodger 8) Classical Music (Demo) 9) Swarm Of Eyes 10) Art Student (Sarah) 11) Hip To Hate (Sarah) 12) Alice Power 13) Mustard Gas (Demo) 14) Boy Meets World (Alt Version) 15) Classical Music (Sarah) 16) Swarm Of Eyes (Long Version) 17) These Things Happen (Demo) 18) Collapsing Cloud (Brighton Radio Session, Edie Mullen Show) 19) Laying The Lodger (Brighton Radio Session, Edie Mullen Show) 20) Alice Power (Brighton Radio Session, Edie Mullen Show) 21) Mustard Gas (Brighton Radio Session, Edie Mullen Show) 22) A Year With No Head (Brighton Radio Session, Edie Mullen Show) 23) Interview, Radio Sussex 1994 24) Untitled (Lamacq Snippet). LP 12 tracks with 24 track download.

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