• act! Universalist (LP, £10.95)

    Universalist is the first album by ACT! Baroque, kaleidoscope electronics; material sound for a disembodied world. The energy is optimistic and positive - even naive - a statement of unity in the age of psychic dislocation. 10 Tracks of phosphorus midi and brittle digital textures feel indebted in spirit to the masters of psychic jazz as much as the physical euphoria of the club. Above all, this album belongs to the catalogue of Halocline Trance, yet subtle references connect it to a larger lineage of free sound. The empty, divine heaviness of songs like Ecstatica / On Patrol invokes Yusef Lateef’s Little Symphony, while the computerised spontaneity of Lava Valley feels somehow connected to Yasuaki Shimizu’s Music for Commercials. Non-musical sounds and evocative melodies sit side-by-side - new psychedelia for love and life in the digital jetstream. ACT! is a project from Toronto-based musician David Psutka. Building on a diverse body of releases as Egyptrixx, Ceramic TL, Anamai and various other collaborations, ACT! denotes a new chapter of creative output from Psutka and the Halocline Trance label. Universalist follows a prolific string of releases in 2017 with Anamai - What Mountain; Ceramic TL + Ipek Gorgun - Perfect Lung; and Egyptrixx - Pure, Beyond Reproach, and synthesises recurring themes of materiality and the unifying potential of sound. Tracklisting [1] Ecstatica / On Patrol [2] U Don’t Know the City [3] Para [4] No Conflict [5] We are Free we are Lava [6] Trader [7] Unity Mind [8] Test [9] B.T.H.L.

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