• ahi In Our Time (LP, £14.95)

    The second album from compelling Canadian singer/songwriter AHI (pronounced “EYE”) is released via Sentry/Thirty Tigers. Overflowing with honesty, warmth and authenticity, the 11 original songs on In Our Time feature a boundless artist with a unique capacity to connect with anyone and everyone. AHI’s ability to unify his range of folk, soul and rock influences, personal philosophy and penchant for melody to create art that is both deep and accessible is pure alchemy. The common thread that runs through each song on In Our Time is how easily relatable AHI’s stories are. He sings and writes about the common experiences and feelings that touch us all, and therefore connect us all, thus highlighting our similarities rather than our differences. AHI’s expressive vocals exude comfort, emotion and sincerity. He performs with an all-encompassing openness and honesty that invites anyone and everyone to take part. Tracklisting 

1. Breakin' Ground
 2. Straight Ahead 
3. Made It Home
 4. The Architect's Hand
 5. Five Butterflies 
6. The Honest One
 7. We Want Enough
 8. In Our Time
 9. Just Pray
 10. On My Side 
11. Penny

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