• all-night petrol  (CD, £7.95)

    label: Audio Archives

    LAST EVER AUDIO ARCHIVES CD RELEASE. Heavy duty compilation of extremely rare live material taken from quarter inch masters. As the title suggests All-Night Petrol kicks off with two killer bass heavy BUDGIE tracks recorded at The Townhouse, Wellington in 1973. Next up are two punchy SILVERHEAD tracks, including a previously unreleased number, recorded in a hostile atmosphere in Berlin during their tour supporting URIAH HEEP early ’73. Also featured is a pulsating rocker by post SLOWBONE outfit ROLL UPS called ‘Got To Know’ captured at one of their energetic live shows in the late 70s. More importantly is the thrilling 20+ minute rock ‘n’ roll medley by UK legends UFO taped at London’s famous Marquee club while the band was still cutting their teeth in 1970. The CD concludes with another amazing discovery – the full 35 minute bulldozer set by UFO support act ALBERT MONK who simply have to be heard to be believed. This brutal, cave-man style outfit have to be THE HEAVIEST band ever featured by Audio Archives. Sledgehammer riffs inflamed by a singer who sounds like a wounded seagull on acid make for some disturbing moments. A cross between STACKWADDY, RED DIRT, EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND and BUDGIE only even HEAVIER. Excellent sound quality from start to finish. Play at maximum volume.

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