• time, the valuator How Fleeting, How Fragile (digipak CD, £12.75)

    DEBUT ALBUM DRIVEN BY STRONG AND MELODIC VOCALS BACKED BY AN UNMISSABLE GROOVE, TIME, THE VALUATOR HAVE RISEN AS ONE OF THE MOST PROMISING NEW ACTS IN THE MODERN ROCK SPHERE.  Time, The Valuator created momentum with a series of singles over 2016 and 2017, leading up to their highly anticipated debut full-length. The album title sets the tone of an intense, emotionally-charged, captivating record broadcasting the artistry of the band. Taking elements from progressive metal, alternative rock, djent, pop and many more, Time, The Valuator embrace their identity, forging a unique sound that breaks the genre boundaries.  The 12 tracks offer an experience based on the absence of creative compromise through a selection of meticulously crafted pieces of music.  3 Singles have been self-released since 2016 and generated over millions of streams and views. TRACKLIST 1. TERMINUS 2. IN CONTROL 3. THE VIOLENT SOUND 4. FUGITIVE 5. CLOUD CITY 6. ELUSIVE REASONS 7. HERITAGE 8. HOW FLEETING 9. WHEN I MEET DEATH 10. ONRYO 11. STARSEEKER 12. HOW FRAGILE

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