• gareth sager & the hungry ghosts Juicy Rivers (LP, £18.95)

    label: Creeping Bent Organisation

    Ten stunning tracks of avant-punk funk sound and fury from The Pop Group / Rip Rig & Panic founder member ‘Juicy Rivers’ is the final instalment of the Pop Group / Rip Rig & Panic founder member’s ‘Creeping Bent Triptych’. Previous Sager releases on Glasgow underground label Creeping Bent were ‘The Last Minute of Normal Time’ (2004) and ‘Slack Slack Music’ (2009) which was described by the NME upon it’s release as being made by “the disco Captain Beefheart... mega” and included the track ‘Hot Hits Vol 27’. Gareth Sager is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer from Edinburgh and the founding member of post-punk provocateurs The Pop Group, avant-garde jazz / art pop collective Rip Rig & Panic and the unruly Bristol-rooted rock group Head. An industrious collaborator and a prolific solo artist in his own right, Sager has been an unremittingly restless and versatile force in the post-punk era and beyond, throughout a dynamic career of confounding originality. As a vital presence, both in The Pop Group’s original incarnation and in their subsequent reformation, Sager remains a principal foundation in one of post-punk’s most relentlessly evolutionary and antagonistic groups. His uninhibited approach to instrumentation as a lifelong pianist, guitarist, saxophonist and clarinettist as well as his astute use of electronics in recent material continues to inspirit the bands momentous radicalism. The ‘Juicy Rivers’ album sees Gareth Sager (lead vocals, guitars, noise, production) joined by The Hungry Ghosts who are serial Sager collaborator Ian Holford (drums – The Nectarine No9 / Sexual Objects) and Dan Connolly (bass). Ten stunning tracks of avant-punk funk sound and fury, the album also features additional mixes by J.Seal and Port Sulphur and vocal collaborations with the legendary Jock Scot and Davy Henderson of The Sexual Objects / Fire Engines.

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