• evan jewett Don't Feel to Work (LP, £12.25)

    label: Aagoo

    Evan Jewett is a songwriter and furniture maker living in New York City. His first album under his own name, ‘Don’t Feel to Work‘ was recorded piecemeal during stays in various apartments. The record is a stoic patchwork of songs about bloody roommates, detached people stuck inside, and kids wandering the hills. Evan Jewett does not write catchy tunes. His songs never fall into the incidental traps that songwriters often knowingly or unknowingly fall into. Instead, he intentionally takes a more deliberate route that can look familiar but feels very different. This choice has less to do with aesthetic or image, and more to do with the exploration of his own character through song. Recorded by Evan Jewett and Robert Cheek (Band of Horses, Tera Melos), mixed by Robby Moncrieff (Youth Lagoon, Dirty Projectors), and mastered by John Blatchford and Cory Hanson (WAND). TRACK LISTING 1. Never Stuck 2. Caught on Earth 3. Pink Grout 4. The Blizzard 5. Late Bloom 6. Hanging 7. Alone With You 8. Dust Contest 9. Hopi Circle 10. Clocking Out

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