• velvet underground New York Rehearsal 1966 (CD, £8.75)

    RADIO BROADCAST FROM THE FACTORY.  Straight into Warhol’s Factory base in early ‘66, where rehearsals for their pending debut record soon took place, somehow Andy managed to persuade a local NYC radio station to broadcast live during the best of these sessions, and while few hearing this transmission would have had much of a clue as to what was going down, this recording is now a legendary piece of musical history that every fan of the extraordinary VU will want to hear.  Providing a sense of quite how the seismic Velvets’ debut album of 1967 came to be, this recording is now available on CD for the first time. Also included are three rare live cuts recorded at New York’s Cinematheque earlier the same year.  TRACKLIST 1. Walk Alone 3:21 2. Venus In Furs/Crackin' Up 3:18 3. Rhythm & Blues Instrumental 3:13 4. Run Run Run/Miss Joanie Lee 11:58 5. Day Tripper/Boom Boom 6:24 6. Rockabilly Instrumental 1:21 7. Blues Instrumental 5:24 8. Heroin 6:17 9. There She Goes Again 3:35 10. Green Onions 6:02 11. There She Goes Again 4:23 12. Heroin 4:14 13. I'll Keep It With Mine 3:44 14. European Son/Susie-Q 4:16 15. Get It On Time 2:22 16. I'll Be Your Mirror 3:23

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