• hidden cameras Ecce Homo (pic disc LP, £9.95)

    label: earworm

    When, In 2003 Rough Trade released the mighty "Smell of our Own" LP to incredible mass acclaim, gushing 9 out of 10 reviews followed and The Hidden Cameras or to be more specific, the songwriting of main man Joel Gibb had reached the masses following initially self distributed CDR releases of home 4 track recordings. It was assumed at first, that "TSOOO" was the debut from the band- in many senses that was correct, however with interest at a premium- it emerged that Joel had in fact released a 4 track demos CD called "Ecce Homo" as a relatively limited release on his own "Evil Evil" label at home in Canada. These were the demos that prompted Rough Trade to sign the band from the outset. "Ecce Homo" has led a curious history- sometimes in print, sometimes incredibly hard to trace, the album includes 9 tracks- part unreleased, part early workings of "Smell of our Own" gems. Earworm is proud to release the album for the first time on vinyl, including an extra unreleased tune ("The Dying Galatian") unique to this version.

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