• andwella's dream Love and Poetry (digipak CD, £8.75)

    label: Sunbeam

    The definitive reissue of this quintessential British psychedelic classic. Recorded by the youthful trio in the summer of 1969, itís packed with strong songs and powerful acid guitar, as well as contemporary production flourishes and a guest appearance from cult jazzman Bob Downes. Produced with the full involvement of the bandís leader David Lewis (who also contributes detailed sleeve notes), the album is presented here with all their non-album 45s, as well as other bonus tracks and a full booklet featuring rare photographs, making it the most comprehensive edition of this legendary album ever assembled. 1.The Days Grew Longer For Love 2.Sunday 3.Lost A Number, Found A King 4.Man Without A Name 5.Clockwork Man 6.Cocaine 7.Shades Of Grey 8.High On A Mountain 9.Andwella 10.Midday Sun 11.Take My Road 12.Felix 13.Goodbye + Bonus tracks 14.Mrs. Mann 15.Mister Sunshine 16.Every Little Minute 17.Michael FitzHenry 18.Take My Road 19.Man Without A Name 20.Paradise Isle 21.Miles Away From My Baby

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