• alda Tahoma (180g vinyl double LP, £22.95)

    'Tahoma' is Alda's much praised second album. Originally released in 2011, this edition retains the original cover but with extended layout, and lined notes added. Born within the thick forests of the US's Pacific Northwest, Alda has spent years cultivating their sound of dense, suffocating banks of black metal fog and moody folk riffs. Since their inception in 2007, this 4 piece has been dedicated to a lifestyle founded on respect and communication with the soil on which they dwell. “Alda give us the sounds of deep ancient forests, a labyrinth of dark folk shifting to heavier and more dense black metal, then transcending to druidic like chants. This is a contemplative album of soundscapes which for me is a must” CULTNATION. “They managed to distinguish themselves by creating their own sound, while still maintaining the aesthetics associated with the Cascadian movement” PEOPLESWORLD.ORG. “Alda is a fine example of another underground black metal band with essence and honesty in its music” METALSOUNDSCAPES. + download.

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