• piles Una Volta (CD, £11.50)

    label: Aagoo

    Piles is a drum trio, located for 2/3 in Nancy and for 1/3 in Avignon, France. The Piles sound is a free fall into the universe of beats, rhythm, dynamics, repetition of the unexpected, it is an ad- venture that reveals the hidden depths in the Piles sound spectrum of acoustic drums. Piles ‘Una Volta’ is a dialogue between three drummers -act and react to each other without missing the point. Piles ‘Una Volta’ can be played for a close listening or can be played for a good dance. TRACK LISTING 1. Drones and Piles 2. Decay 3. Ulrik 4. Mort aux Cons 5. Kraut and Piles 6. Materials in US 7. Chambre d’Echo 8. Marie

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