• alasca Plea for Peace (CD, £9.95)

    Alasca might well be the Netherlands’ best kept secret. The first two albums of the indie band, the folky debut “Actors & Liars” from 2012 and the slightly more grungy Ennio Morricone inspired “Prospero” from 2015 were released to unanimous acclaim and praised for their conceptual brilliance. Singles from both of the albums received extensive airplay on NL’s Radio 2 and were played on BBC2, BBC6 as well as Belgian and Swiss radio channels. This year marks chapter three in Alasca’s trilogy: Plea for Peace. With this third album the band has reinvented itself yet again. The members aimed to create their most catchy, snappy album so far and to do so with a downright honest and straightforward approach. Although Plea for Peace is mainly influenced by music from the late ‘60’s and the more aggressive approaches of 90’s music, the album does not linger in the past and instead stands out for its topical approach. The band challenges you to find other albums that use Beyonce‘s hips (Red Herring), Instagram (the Ugliest Girl Alive), Feminism (Boy & Girl) and Wookies (Wookie), among many other things, in songs to address the strange issues that dominate these turbulent modern times. Tracks: Plea For Peace / The Comedy Of Distance / Red Herring / Game Over / Love Song # 7 / The Ugliest Girl Alive / Boy & Girl / Ridicule / Wookie / Song For Nick Drake / Melancholy Lake / I Did Not Know

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