• high volume: the stoner rock collection  (CD, £6.25)

    label: high times

    This album focuses on the crackle and sludge of the stoner rock underground as it was in 2004. Besides weed, overdriven human torch guitars and Bon Scott tribute vocals are the touchstones for this set, with Unida, Bad Wizard and Clutch leading the pack. Other standouts include some awesomely heavy material from High On Fire and Corrosion Of Conformity, the acid rock boogie of Mystic Krewe Of Clearlight and swirling, loud stuff from bands associated with Long Island's Music Cartel label, such as Orange Goblin and Sea Of Green. TRACKLIST: 1. ‘Too Stoned’ - Gas Giant 2. ‘So Bad’ - Bad Wizard 3. ‘Willie Nelson’ – Clutch 4. ‘The Void’ – Nebula 5. ‘Falconstone’ - The Hidden Hand 6. ‘Left Us To Mold’ – Unida 7. ‘No Law’ - Orange Goblin 8. ‘Cities Of The Dead’ – Suplecs 9. ‘To Cross The Bridge’ - High On Fire 10. ‘High For The Ride’ - Sea Of Green 11. ‘Hello To Oblivion’ - The Formula 12. ‘It Is That Way’ - Corrosion Of Conformity 13. ‘Ride Out’ - Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight 14. ‘Nadasoul’ - Bottom

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