• funs Alienated (LP, £15.95)

    Beyond the corn and soy fields of Illinoisʼs underbelly is the unlikely home of an intensely focused American rock band. As vicious as they are elegant, The Funsʼ sounds emanate from 100-year-old bricks, rattling the sagging windows of an abandoned funeral-home-turned-artist-residency the duo built as their home. The Funs, also known as Jessee Rose Crane and Philip Jerome Lesicko, spent years building Rose Raft, and Alienated is the first album produced in its studio. Recorded by Dave Vettriano, the albumʼs title refers to a feeling of disaffection from the infrastructures that domesticate creativity into monetisation. It describes the bandʼs desire to release sounds into the world without losing its soul to a commercial grind. After more than a decade of collaboration, the psychic connection between Crane and Lesicko radiates throughout Alienated. Songs like “Instinct,” “Into The Mirror” and “Forget Me Not” exist singularly in their pop hooks, but also act as puzzle pieces for Alienated as a bigger picture. Thousands of images flash through our retinas every day, but The Funs remind us to close our eyes and listen. “Donʼt let yourself go numb,” says the band, “light your nerves and feel it all.” Side A 1. Enemy 2. Moderate Overkill 3. Forget Me Not 4. I Can Dream 5. Entity Side B 6. Fur Cup 7. This Is The Sound 8. Into The Mirror 9.Instinct 10. Power

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