• beast Ens (CD, £12.75)

    label: thrill jockey

    Koen Holtkamp has made a name for himself in his solo recordings and with his duo with Brendan Angeregg, Mountains. Continuing to expand his horizons as an artist and furthering the scope of creative possibilities in electronic music, Holtkamp is debuting on Thrill Jockey as BEAST.  ‘Ens’ was crafted leading up to and after the birth of Koen’s first child. The album is a profoundly intimate and heartfelt journey into the composer’s psyche. BEAST reins in his sprawling sound with new resolve, crafting tightly constructed pieces of engaging and ecstatic beauty.  “Koen Holtkamp’s primary directive is to make your journey through inner space both safe and enlightening.” - Ad Hoc  “[Koen Holtkamp] shows that one can create process live or in the studio and the results point to the same thing: a world worth listening to. At the very least, Holtkamp’s world certainly is. So get to it. (But take your time once you get there.)” - The Line of Best Fit.  As BEAST, Holtkamp has nimbly altered his process of creating dense, immersive music. ‘Ens’ stands as not only the culmination of his newfound methods but also a deeply personal moment. In crafting the graceful and passionate sonic tapestries into compact compositions, BEAST’s ‘Ens’ masterfully melds the earthbound and the ethereal.  “Where less-seasoned creators of meandering soundscapes might overload the listener, Anderegg and Holtkamp seem to be able to delicately pile sound source upon sound source without disturbing the calming balance” - XLR8R.  CD version packaged in mini-LP style envelope.

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