• dana gillespie London Social Degree (CD, £12.95)

    label: rev-ola

    An all but ubiquitous figure in the colourful and crazy backstory of the nonstop London folk/psych/glam/ theatrical demi-mondes, Dana Gillespie is forever both a challenging artiste and a legendary beauty. • Her two 1968-69 Decca/London Records albums, Foolish Seasons and Box of Surprises, are classics of their kind, wherein she totally masters and slightly twists the ‘swinging’ pop-cultural mix around her, and looks forward to her forays into theatre/glam/post rock, spiritual music, and her beloved blues… like the soundtrack to a hell of a movie which *should* have been made… had there only been talent and courage enough to make it! From Northern Soul/Freakbeat-like dancers, to swinging London anthems, to quirky, oddly theatrical story songs, to folk blues, perhaps this collection is all the movie we need! • Both her marvellous 68-69 Decca/ London LPs on one CD! • Wonderfully remastered and packaged in best Rev-Ola style! • TRACKLIST 1. YOU JUST GOTTA KNOW MY MIND 2. TEARS IN MY EYES 3. LIFE IS SHORT 4. SOUVENIRS OF STEFAN 5. CAN'T YOU SEE I'M DREAMING 6. NO! NO! NO! 7. HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT 8. LONDON SOCIAL DEGREE 9. DEAD 10. FOOLISH SEASONS 11. WHERE WILL YOU BE 12. HARD LOVIN' LOSER 13. BOX OF SURPRISES 14. LIKE I'M A CLOWN 15. TAFFY 16. WHEN DARKNESS FELL 17. FOR DAVID, THE NEXT DAY 18. IF YOU'RE DREAMING 19. FOOLISH SEASONS 20. GRECIAN ODE 21. BY CHASING DREAMS 22. I WAS A BOOK 23. DESCRIBING YOU 24. I WOULD CRY

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