• ike yard 1980-82 Collected (18-track CD, £13.25)

    label: Acute

    Influenced by their punk upbringing, avant-garde schooling, and no wave surroundings in early 80s NYC, Ike Yard managed to create a new sound by also tapping into equal parts the krautrock experimentation of Can, the Neue Deutsche Welle of DAF and the UK post-punk dub of PiL and Joy Division. This combination helped them to create sounds and songs unique enough to catch the attention of Factory Records, who made them their first American signing. *What really set Ike Yard apart were their cutting edge techniques. The mixing board and effects processors were as important as the bass, synth or occasional guitar, giving Ike Yard an aggressive and propulsive sound, where drum machines beat against the sound of scrap metal and angular guitar slashes darted through arpeggiated synth patterns. Acute Records release of "1980-82-Collected" collects, for the first time, Ike Yard’s two releases (their Factory LP and an EP for Les Disques du Crepuscule) plus several previously unreleased tracks. Namedropped in Simon Reynolds’ new post-punk book Rip It Up And Start Again TRACKLIST: 1. Night After Night 2. Sense of Male 3. Infra-Ton 4. The Whistler 5. Cherish 6. Motiv 7. M. Kurtz 8. Loss 9. NCR 10. Kino 11. Cherish 8 12. Half a God 13. Nocturne 14. 20 15. War=Strong 16. We Are One 17. Dancing And Slaving 18. Wolfen

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