• jarboe Sacrificial Cake (CD, £12.50)

    label: alternative tentacles

    Beautiful and haunting vocal and worldly jaunts through art, lyricism and gothdom. Solo outing from Swans keyboardist/bassist/vocalist and chanteuse Jarboe. This is a companion cd to Swans/Angels Of Light frontman/founder M. Gira's AT release. Reunited with multi-instrumentalist Lary Seven, her collaborator on the Beautiful People project, Jarboe on her second solo album again clearly demonstrates her musical abilities as being no less adept than those of her Swans bandmate/partner Gira (whose own solo debut album, Drainland, was released in concert along with Sacrificial Cake). All songs were written wholly by her, excepting a weirdly jaunty, live radio-session take of the Swans track "My Buried Child", accompanied only by Gira on acoustic guitar. Tracks: 1 Lavender Girl 2 Ode to V 3 Shimmer (instrumental) 4 My Buried Child 5 Not Logical 6 Spiral Staircase 7 Yum-Yab 8 Surgical Saviour 9 Caché Toi 10 Tragic Seed 11 Troll Lullaby 12 Deflowered 13 The Body Lover 14 Shimmer 15 Act III 16 Troll

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