• richard h. kirk URP Vol. 2: Intone Unreleased Projects 1995-1997 (CD, £5.10)

    label: intone

    A retrospective collection of spiky beats/joints totally unreleased previously. All written and produced by richard h kirk. Old school break and electro with a difference, the beats embellished with cheeky latin grooves and shed splitting dub interventions welded to some serious head pounding rhythm. Difficuilt to fit into any category,this one stands in a realm totally on its own. Tastefully suited and booted by long term kirk collaborators the designers republic. Tracklist 1/.king of kings - follow me 2/psi punky dread allstars chaos 3/dark magus - clean tonight(electrodubvooodoo mix) 4/signals intelligence - sinister death trip(africa vision/africa version) 5/future cop movies autoride 6/trafficante - hemmingways shotgun 7/dr>Xavier - flood/light/vision 8/the revolutionary army(of the infant jesus)---i walk lifes road 9/outland assassin - radication from another planet 10/the silent age - neutron flash

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