• richard h. kirk URP Vol. 3: Intone Unreleased Projects 1995-1997 (CD, £5.35)

    label: intone

    3rd release in the Intone Unreleased Projects series. Chilled beats, ambient funk and low flying dub brings together 9 previously unreleased cuts, written arranged and produced by Richard H Kirk, known for his work as the architect of the Cabaret Voltaire sound. Recorded between 1995 and 1997 and edited, post produced and sonically overhauled, Urp vol 3 has all the elements that are needed to create good chill out, and draws as its sources from soundtrack/cinematic elements, classical music, dub and some lazy, funky grooves. It brings together Kirk identities old and new, including some early Orchestra Terrestrial tracks alongside the more well known Sandoz project. With design by the Designers Republic, this is a must have for anyone who has the two previous pieces in the collection. Tracklist 1/The Third Man-this pill 2/Sandoz-exoskeleton (biodiesel remix) 3/Orchestra Terrestrial-alhambra 4/Orchestra Terrestrial-sons of harry lime 5/Dark Magus-recidivist 6/Destructive Impact-10.57amt 7/Extended Family-the future (turn it back) 8/Sandoz-blow your mind 9/Nine Mile Dub-how is it possible?

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