• 404 not found Armless (CD, £7.75)

    label: Beard of Stars

    To tell about 404 NOT FOUND's music is easy and very hard at one time. Armless, their debut album, while staying well inside the wide borders of Hard-rock and Heavy-psychedelia, manages to blend diverse roots brought in the band by so diverse musicians: the western and the more eastern orientated (balcanic) groove. The well experienced rythm section is provided by Silvano Bottari (drums) and Sergio Pagnacco (bass) both of them founding members of historical 70s metal band VANEXA. Their skilful pounding sustains each track giving full freedom to the axeman Artan Selishta who dances and rides by heavy riffs that bring the audience on hypnotic trips through oniric deserts. Gianmarco Cabras, the frontman singer, perfectly fits with the core of the influences ranging from Free to Wishbone Ash and beyond up to the instrumental Native which closes the disc and the whole trip itself. The first 2.000 copies come in Ltd Ed with full black "vintage vinyl-like" CD.

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