• little annie Songs from the Coal Mine Canary (CD, £5.10)

    label: Durtro Jnana

    This is the fabulous full length from Little Annie featuring ten new songs. On this CD, Annie is assisted by Antony (of The Johnsons) and Joe Budenholzer (Backworld / Small Creatures)who both co-wrote many of the songs with Annie. Little Annie-aka Annie Anxiety-aka Annie Bandez is an adventuress, chanteuse/lyricist, multi-media artist and post-modern cabaret queen with a long, illustrious and eclectic recording career perhaps most widely known for her vampish performance of the song ‘Things Happen’ with Coil. She has recorded extensively with vanguard figures of late twentieth century music such as rock musician Kid Congo Powers, DJ Paul Oakenfold, dub stalwart Adrian Sherwood, punk/experimental band Crass, noisy krautrock surrealists Nurse With Wound and experimental/electronica band Coil. She continues to tour extensively with pianist and co-composer Paul Wallfisch Of Botanica. She is currently residing in her beloved muse and hometown of New York after a thirteen year residency in England, where she recorded this CD. 1 - Freddy And Me 2 - Derma 3 - Lullaby 4 - Good Ship Nasty Queen 5 - Absynth Tea-ism 6 - If I Were A Man 7 - Diamonds Made Of Glassine 8 - Strange Love 9 - Sit On Down 10 - End Is Near

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